Meat Ban


Why I, A Muslim, Hosted A Pork Dinner To Counter Religious Extremism

Despite being a Muslim and a non-pork eater for religious, personal and cultural reasons, my point was to give the militants a lesson in respecting and living with people with different faiths, food habits and cultural practices. The attention that my FB post got went beyond anything I had imagined. In addition to exultation, there were three other responses: warnings of danger that could come my way, a certain silence, and dismissals and scathing criticisms that I will answer here.
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My Reply To Maharashtra CM

I am happy to introspect, be corrected, but dislike being pigeonholed in any manner, except to say that I do believe in the spirit of a liberal, plural India that strives to provide equal opportunities to all its citizens. Does that make me a "Leftist?" as you appear to caricature all dissenters or questioners?
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Reflections On My Would-Be Assassins

The lesson came in the shape of 15,300 tweets and re-tweets with my name on them, and various levels of threats from people who may have never heard of me till then. If they were indeed 15,300 separate, distinct persons, it would be a miracle of spontaneous mass action. Perhaps it was the handiwork of just a few dedicated persons working overtime in an air conditioned call centre somewhere. I do not know. Nor do I know who gave the command. An added dimension was added when personal mobile telephone numbers were put on Twitter with instructions to ring one up.