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More Indian Brides Are Now Educated; Public Attitudes Need To Change

More women are going into higher education than ever before and that rise is set to continue. This is a success story for India, yet our research, published in the journal, Demography, highlights that the custom of men marrying women who are less educated than they are remains widespread. Population projections by age and educational attainment suggest that by 2050 a high proportion of Indian women will be as educated, if not more so, than men. So isn't it time that men (and their families) started to celebrate this fact, viewing a good education as yet another attribute in a bride?

Yes Justice Katju, Marriage Is A Beautiful Institution

I couldn't help but borrow the title from Justice Katju's post in which he extols the virtue of marriage to men. Why only men? So I would like to reply as follows. To all single women out there: get married. Marriage is a great institution. You get love (and laid without public scrutiny or judgment). However, given the fact that most of the men of our country have been brought up with the idea that women are their social inferior, you may find it hard to find companionship and friendship.