Marriage Equality


Self-Respect Weddings: A Feminist, Egalitarian Legacy From 75 Years Ago

When DMK leader MK-Stalin met an aging Sampoornam in her cramped house last year, they spoke about her wedding which took place 75 years ago. This was no ordinary wedding ceremony. In fact, what was special was that there was no ceremony at all. It happened to be the first recognised Suyamariyathai (self-respect) marriage presided over by former chief minister and DMK leader CN Annadurai (Anna). Sampoornam passed away last week, but she leaves a legacy of social reform in marriage.
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Beyond Sutras And Kama: India's Timeless Wisdom in Love, Relationships And Marriage

India's most profound view of love is that it be defined by one's knowledge of the other; the emphasis of Indian treatises on love, including the famously elevated -- and excruciatingly dumbed-down -- Kama Sutra, is about anchoring relationships upon an intimate awareness and respect of a partner's personality, desires, thought process, physicality and even the gentlest of nuance. As ever, in the Indian psyche, playfulness subsists hand-in-hand with sanctity, sensuousness with respect, earthly passion with ethereal divinity.
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A Rape In My Backyard

Last night I noticed unusual action at the main gate of our housing society. The usually quiet entrance of the apartment complex had been busy through the evening: there were men walking in and out of the gate, the office was still open and the security guards seemed far too alert. Looking from my 9th-floor balcony, I could tell something was happening, but what?