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Why I Am No Longer A Fan Of Shobhaa De

Some of her comments may be malicious but she's witty as she attacks the "dramabaazi" and other shenanigans. She gets a little incoherent and she's abusive towards public figures but newspapers need that kind of shock value to sell. I get that. But I have to admit that sometimes De can be shockingly negative, vicious and strident.

Compulsory Marathi Film Screenings: Let's Look At The Larger Picture, Shall We?

Those who have been critical of the move to allow Marathi films this tiny slice of the pie have pointed out that this decision strips the ticket-paying public of its power to choose what they want to watch. To them, I would like to ask: how empowered do you feel when a Rohit Shetty blockbuster comes along and takes up all the slots at your local multiplex, thereby pushing the Hollywood or indie film you really wanted to watch out of theatres and into oblivion?