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I Let Irom Sharmila And Her Fiancé Down, Just Like So Many Others

It was August of the year 2013. I was in the final year of my Master’s degree in journalism, and we were to do our first video news story. Ours was on Irom Sharmila. After contacting people who could be our “talking heads”, we got to know about her fiancé who had been pursuing her case from the front. Realizing he was the closest link to Irom, I sent him a message on Facebook. I got a reply from him the next day.
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A Call To Support Irom Sharmila And The People Of Manipur

Amidst the bloodletting and state apathy, the deafening silence of one woman -- Irom Chanu Sharmila -- is a stark reminder of the courage and conviction of Manipur. Let us support Manipur's Iron Lady at a peaceful gathering outside New Delhi Patiala Court on 11 August 2015 at 08:00 hrs. This will be our last opportunity to show solidarity, after which Irom Sharmila will be confined to trials in Imphal, Manipur.
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Why We May Never Know The Whole Truth About Army's Myanmar Ops

Truth, it is said, is often the biggest casualty in a conflict. We will never quite know exactly how successful the operations of the Indian Army in Myanmar were. Some sources said 20 militants were killed; others said the number lay between 50 and 100. The Army claimed two camps were busted, and while they "neutralised" the camp near Moreh, they found the one in the Northern region had already been vacated. Firing continued for 45 minutes in which they claim a "significant" number of militants were killed.