Maneka Gandhi

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The New Human Trafficking Bill Needs To Rethink Raids, Rescues And Rehabilitation

On 30 May this year, while releasing the draft Trafficking in Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2016, Maneka Gandhi conceded that it has plenty of room for incorporating nuances. In making this point, she gave a highly pertinent example: "If a woman has been trafficked 15 years ago and is now a part of the sex trade, will she considered be a trafficked victim or not?" This is a critical point that perhaps baffles most governments and creates arguments amongst activists over their ideological and moral positions.
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Concrete Steps, Not Proselytizing Will Bring Gender Equality To India

Feminist activists are continually advocating for a more progressive society, along with a gradual loosening of the shackles of patriarchy. While it might sound extremely easy theoretically, the fruition of the objective seems almost utopic. Some argue that the solution is possible once the mindset of society is changed, but that too is easier said than done. A more achievable and realistic solution to the problem lies in a combination of individual effort, stringent legislation and efficient protection of the statutory rights of women.