‘Mabel Aur Mein’: A Pakistani Battle Of The Sexes

Last week, I was mentally fatigued after watching two Pakistani films back-to-back. It was an excruciating night for me. However, the wounds were filled by a group of students from the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). Yes, I really mean it. This remarkable group has adapted Patras Bokhari's essay Mabel Aur Mein into a 40-minute film about the intellectual rivalry between a man and woman.

'Mah-e-Mir' Is A Much-Needed Ripple In Pakistan's Stagnating Cinema

Cinema in Pakistan seems to be going through a strange turn. To be particular, most films in this new wave of cinema are fundamentally the same, featuring recycled themes of either overt patriotism or heavy-handed sexual innuendo. Of course, these are the kinds of films that the majority of the cinema-going population in Pakistan seem to embrace. A rare exception is this year's Mah-e-Mir.