The Big Ban Theory

Bans have become the default reaction of the state and Central governments whenever something goes wrong. Be it Uber for compromising on the safety of its passengers or Maggi for its excessive lead content, bans have come to be the government's one-stop solution to diffuse all controversies. But the big question governments need to answer is-- have they been successful in enforcing these bans?
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Why AAP And Nestle Aren't All That Different

Ever since AAP captured the fancy of our taste buds, it has engaged in a battle with the Lieutenant Governor over what it sees as an encroachment of its turf. But to blame the Prime Minister for everything including fake degrees, wife beating, internal dissent, sanitation strike and overall failure to govern is as misleading as Maggi's promise of being healthy.

Why Celebrities Are Liable For Endorsing Unhealthy Products

I understand that it is unrealistic to expect our superstar brand ambassadors to conduct tests and verify whether the government approval on the product is deserved or not. But is it too much to expect them to exercise better judgment especially when their stamp of approval is taken as the gospel truth by their adoring fans?