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Meri Maggi, A Curious Tale of Brand Loyalty

Maggi has been a cult, not a mere instant noodle. Way back in the 80s, it brought to the Indian palate a new taste and boy did we fall for it! The 2-minute noodle created a bond that no other brand in its category, or even across categories of instant food, could build. Maggi is to instant noodles what Xerox is to photocopies, where the product and brand have become synonymous.
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Why AAP And Nestle Aren't All That Different

Ever since AAP captured the fancy of our taste buds, it has engaged in a battle with the Lieutenant Governor over what it sees as an encroachment of its turf. But to blame the Prime Minister for everything including fake degrees, wife beating, internal dissent, sanitation strike and overall failure to govern is as misleading as Maggi's promise of being healthy.
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I'm Not Sorry To See Maggi Go, But What Of Other Brands?

"She doesn't have anything, except Maggi," complained my cousin. "So, that's what I make for her every day." She was talking about her 5-year-old, who has an inbuilt revulsion towards food, with one exception. Shocked at her confession, I warned my cousin that she was doing more harm than good by feeding her child processed food that contained little other than maida and monosodium glutamate (MSG).