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Must You Really Go To Court?: A Case For Alternative Dispute Resolution

As of this moment, there are more than two crore cases pending across district courts in India, two-thirds of which are criminal in nature. Ten percent of these cases have been pending for over 10 years, and at the current rate of disposal, it is expected to take the district courts 10 years to clear the backlog. As a law student observing proceedings in all levels of the judiciary, the method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) seems to me a shining beacon of light.
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Who Can We Indians Really Turn To If Not The Judiciary?

Indians rely so heavily on the courts because all other methods seem to have failed. We can't turn to the police as we are scared of them and their tales of corruption are part of folklore. The politicians... what can I even say? Even if we were dropped on our heads as infants, we all know that no one can turn to a politician for help unless one is part of their "family" (which makes the mafia looks like kindergarten children singing nursery rhymes).