The Inheritance Of Suicide And The Beauty Of Endurance

I have inherited a lot of my father's traits, both physically and emotionally. I have inherited his sense of guilt, fear and worthlessness; he has left me his legacy of depression. For the longest time, I couldn't imagine what my father must have gone through when he took the final step. But in a terrifying way these days, I somehow can. Earlier I judged him for taking his own life. Now I both sympathize and empathize. And that is scary. Yet, I fight…
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Let's Twist The Knots This Rakhi...

This post is not about the Rakshabandhan of adolescent game-playing. This post is also not about the myths and legends behind the festival, and nor is it about interpretations of brotherhood such as Tagore promoting the exchange of rakhis between Muslims and Hindus. Nope! This post is about twisting the rules even more fundamentally.