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Chetan Bhagat's 'Anatomy of a Liberal' Is The Autopsy of Logic

Chetan Bhagat, in his recent column "Anatomy of a Liberal", has proven yet again why he is by far the worst thing to have happened to the world of writing. Bhagat presents his myopic view with a deluded sense of self-righteousness that immunises the right wing against any criticism. Essentially, he says: the middle to lower middle classes make the "nationalists", and, therefore, represent "real India", while the liberals are a bunch of tea-in-china-cup elites, their lives devoid of struggle, and are, therefore, clueless about what India needs.

Why Liberals Must Fight The Urge To Demonise Modi

Modi represents an inner battle for the Liberal. The Modi of the past is an easy figure to pin blame on for narrow-mindedness and hate-mongering. It is easy to be cynical, and dismiss the new Modi as merely a ploy; it is tempting, in the battlefield of ideas, to continue to pin blame on him. Yet, the true Liberal needs to be intellectually honest. The true Liberal, in her humanism, believes in changes of heart. In seeing the light. In starting afresh.