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Dear Raj Thackeray, Big Thanks From Bihar

Fragmented by class, caste and ideological boundaries, the people of Bihar hardly ever come together under one identity. From time to time, whenever our 'asmita' is overshadowed by doubt, you come to our rescue. You remind us that we are, after all, Biharis, all of us, even those who don't consider themselves Biharis anymore and are not very different from you in their ideology and politics.

Thoughts On Love, Loss And Life For My Future Daughter

You are unique. Don't you ever try to ape that girl in the magazine or the most popular one in school or even the prettiest star on television. They are living a story of their own, with its own path, journey and destination. If you change to be like them, who is going to live your story? Who will reach your destination? I know you must be having a hard time getting this but some day it will be crystal clear.