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Left, Right And Centre: On Being An Intellectual Orphan

In taste, manners, beliefs and lifestyle, I am everything that a religious Hindu will scoff at. Most of the women I am friends with are cosmopolitan socialists and feminists who dabble in intellectual gymnastics with Davidoff, cannabis, sex and Merlot. With this picture in front, most people expect me to be a left-liberal who fumes at Modi, BJP, RSS. Before I explain further, I am sure some people by now have already branded me as a typical right-winger. But, still I would like put across a new mode of being...
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My Reply To Maharashtra CM

I am happy to introspect, be corrected, but dislike being pigeonholed in any manner, except to say that I do believe in the spirit of a liberal, plural India that strives to provide equal opportunities to all its citizens. Does that make me a "Leftist?" as you appear to caricature all dissenters or questioners?
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Dear Leftists, Why Is There No Place For Kashmiri Pandits In The Valley?

Yes, I am talking to you, the likes of Arundhati Roy, who leave no occasion to speak eloquently on Kashmir but have yet to address our plight. I am writing to you because Kashmir refuses to engage with us on the subject of our return except to trot out standard arguments, protests, distortions of fact. I am hoping that in your garden of freedom, utopia, Azadi, Nizame Mustafa (Islamic rule), Intifada and liberalism, there might be some scope to talk about my township or ghetto or any form of return in accordance with my wishes.