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Brexit Has A Lesson For US Voters: Don't Push The Trump Joke Too Far

Just like the supporters of Brexit, a vast majority of core "Trumpers" are either people from impoverished and disenfranchised White backgrounds with little education, or those with over-the-top nationalist identities who frequently contribute to tensions with migrant communities, or participate in race or religious bias, and with a history for preference of segregation. So, what you can do is this -- break your vow of moderate silence, and take a leaf out of Trump's orange bird nest. Be loud.

10 Fail-Proof Ways To Love Yourself Every Day

As I look at my own life, and observe the lives of the people around me, I see quite clearly that there is no universal definition of love. However, what is universal is that love has always been a very powerful, positive and transformational human emotion. I think one of the best tributes to "love" is to love yourself unconditionally. Here are some ways to do just that.