Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

Reliving My Memories Of The Kuwait Invasion

August 2, 2015 spells 25 years since the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Wars were fought, a dictator brought to his knees and lives torn asunder ever since. As expatriates caught in the crossfire of two warring nations, my family and I were among the thousands of Indian refugees evacuated from Kuwait in what was the largest such operation internationally by our government in 1990. I was an 11-year-old back then and chronicled every moment from in a diary. Here is some of my story...
HAIDAR HAMDANI via Getty Images

The Shifting Sands Of The Middle East

There are currently four all-out wars in the Middle East in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen with blowback of this in Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Sudan amongst other places. The contexts of each of these situations is different and perhaps the one and only feature that states across the region share is that for various reasons most countries have denied their citizens the opportunity to form democratic civil society movements that participate in government and governance.