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The Non-Machoness Of Lord Krishna Can Teach Us Something About Masculinity

A couple of months ago, a friend and I were ambling in Delhi Haat, where we encountered an exquisite painting. The painting depicted Krishna massaging Radha's feet. My friend found the painting a bit curious. When we sat down to treat ourselves with some melt-in-the-mouth pooranpolis at the Maharashtra food stall, he asked me," Isn't Krishna supposed to be the alpha-male, the chick-magnet? How can he be shown to be so subservient?"
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Waiting For Krishna: The ‘Cheerharan’ Of India And Lessons From The Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is considered to be an authority in matters of State, government, polity and philosophy. Even though the epic was written centuries ago, the political conflicts described therein resonate strongly with the events of today. There are numerous interpretations of the epic and the events that led to the Great War of Kurukshetra, but there is one particular incident that it is agreed proved to be the final blow in the rivalry between the Kauravas and the Pandavas -- the attempted disrobing (cheerharan) of Draupadi...
Koral Dasgupta

Reimagining The Women Of Krishna (Book Excerpt)

Krishna as a mythological symbol has always kept me mesmerised. When I was in the process of weaving the journey of a sculptor in my book, Fall Winter Collections, I suddenly wondered how an artist would represent women in mythology as a part of Krishna's being. Women with a huge range of celestial and terrestrial qualities have graced Krishna's arms, just as we mortals nurture known and unknown existence consciously or in our subconscious.