The America I Know, The Humanity I Kno

I start to write this as I sit in a coffee shop in a mall in India. It's early August. The monsoon is ending, but it feels like the beginning. The heavens have favoured this parched land, and the earth and leaves appear nourished, refreshed and renewed. It has been difficult to avoid another spectacular deluge taking place on the other side of the world -- the dissonant downpour of the US Presidential election. I am protected by a loyal umbrella: my unshakable faith in humanity.

Flashes Of Hope In An Annus Horribilis

In 2015, Anger boiled over. Hate screeched. But the shouting and the cacophony shouldn't drown out the decent and the caring and the logical. Tragedies and violent incidents shrouded the goodness and the decency but they were there. I go into 2016 filled with the memories of goodness, kindness and compassion.