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I'm A Kashmiri. This Is What I Thought When Kanhaiya Said Kashmir Is Integral To India

After the sedition fracas, Kanhaiya Kumar, president of the JNU student union, finally reclaimed his patriot status by reiterating that Kashmir is an integral part of India. This statement is the mother of all gold standards for proving one's patriotism in India. In addition to its shorthand use, this statement also becomes an analytic for many Indians to understand Kashmir. It is nothing new. Here, I want to trace the Kashmiri body in Kanhaiya's speech after he was released from jail.
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Who Needs Goons When You Have Lawyers?

On 17 February, while the JNU students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar was being produced by the police before the judicial magistrate in Patiala House court, he was suddenly attacked and manhandled by a group of lawyers. Such behaviour, especially by lawyers, raises some important questions that need immediate addressing: Are lawyers above the law? Can they be allowed to act like goons and take the law in their own hands?