Juvenile Justice

Mark Manuel

Vilas Shinde’s Murder Exposes The Injustices Of Our Legal System

My sympathies lie with the Mumbai Police. It lost Head Constable Vilas Shinde of the Traffic Control Branch to an unprovoked and brutal assault in public by a pair of brothers who were only 17 and 20 years old. Shinde was just doing his duty. Now the police are seeking legal opinion if the younger brother can be booked for Shinde’s murder as an adult or whether he comes under the protection of the Juvenile Justice Board.
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The Juvenile Justice Amendment Is A Victory For Retribution, Not Justice

The belief that juveniles, even those committing heinous offences, get away with little or no punishment in the name of reformation has led to a strident demand for a reduction in the age of juvenility. This mass hysteria has clearly been bought into by the current government, which has repealed and re-enacted the entire law on juvenile justice. The legislation follows the "adult time for adult crime" approach, which I argue is not appropriate for the administration of juvenile justice.
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Are Our Children Truly Free?

We need to ask if we have managed to ensure that each child of this country is "free", in all senses of the word. Have we managed to ensure that every child is strong enough to live past his/her first birthday? Why has it taken us so much time to ensure the effective implementation of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme?

The Morbid Accomplishments Of Bangladesh's Vigilantes

Anyone who has read Lord of the Flies is familiar with the concept that the institution of civilisation is the only wall between humans and savagery. The absence of justice brought out the monsters of revenge in us - and I do not just mean the vigilantes. This includes every person who remained quiet for years and years while lives were shed in the hands of mobs.