Mark Manuel

Vilas Shinde’s Murder Exposes The Injustices Of Our Legal System

My sympathies lie with the Mumbai Police. It lost Head Constable Vilas Shinde of the Traffic Control Branch to an unprovoked and brutal assault in public by a pair of brothers who were only 17 and 20 years old. Shinde was just doing his duty. Now the police are seeking legal opinion if the younger brother can be booked for Shinde’s murder as an adult or whether he comes under the protection of the Juvenile Justice Board.
Anjali Nigam

Why I Started Value-Based Schools In Slums To Tackle Juvenile Crime

There is an absolute void when it comes to formalized imparting of the right values to urban slum children, both within homes and schools. I wanted Neem Schools to make underprivileged children "respected and respecting citizens". The school would not teach classes -- just values taught through sensitization techniques. Today we have six Neem Schools in six slums in Delhi and Gurgaon, covering about 500 children.