Why The New Juvenile Justice Law Is An Insult To Nirbhaya

The present amendment has reduced the age of juvenile offenders to be tried as adults from 18 to 16. But there are 15-year-old teens who are accused of rape. There are 14-year-old murderers. In my opinion, criminality is a far more important criterion than age. Thus, the amendment should be in terms of non-applicability of the juvenility condition in the case of crimes like rape, murder, war against country etc. That's why legislative business should never be done in haste.

The Talwars And The Many Faces Of Grief

When I told my mother, that fateful morning, that her son was dead, she fell in a heap, as though she imploded. She hit her head as she fell, but I just walked by her and went to drink some water, leaving her lying there for the relatives to pick up. Was I unnatural? Maybe. When I see Nupur Talwar's face and the steely determination in it, I know where that comes from. From a need to act normal when nothing around is.
MONEY SHARMA via Getty Images

Let's Face The Truth: India IS Unsafe For Women

India talks about empowering women. After all, hasn't this country seen countless women in positions of power, including in the chairs of prime minister, president and chief minister? The truth, though, is that these women are in no way the norm. According to a survey by Thompson and Reuters in 2011, India is perceived as the fourth most dangerous place in the world for women. This should not surprise any of us who live here.

Life After Death Row: An Innocent Man's Struggles

In May 2014, the Supreme Court acquitted Adambhai as innocent. The judges "expressed anguish for the incompetence and perversity with which the investigating authorities had imposed grievous charges on an innocent man." Watch the video for Adambhai's true story on what life is like after death row.