Jnu Students

Rohit Kumar

My Evening With The Anti-Nationals Of JNU

I was watching Patiala High Court lawyers beat 'Kingpin Kanhaiya' live on TV when my phone rang. A friend of mine wanted to know if I'd like to go along for an 'open class' on nationalism at JNU. One Professor Gopal Guru (no relation of Afzal, I was assured) was going to address a gathering. Though I realized this was probably going to be risky business -- police, protestors, et al -- I decided to go. Because at some point, you just have to check things out for yourself.

Why Academic Freedoms Matter

To brand everyone who disagrees with you "anti-national" and "pseudo-secular" not only reflects the poverty of the cultural right's vocabulary but its addiction to anti-intellectualism. The crackdown on JNU is asinine at many levels. A university is a workshop of imagination. It is where ideas clash, nurture, commingle, sparkle.