Jnu Standoff

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Make Bharat Mata Proud, Become A Nationalist In 4 Easy Steps

Mitron, Namaste. I have great news! Nationalism is no longer difficult and old-fashioned! Now, you don't have to risk your life (like Captain Pawan Kumar), or take up the battles of the oppressed (like Soni Sori), or contribute to the county in any meaningful way (like Azim Premji) to claim to be the proudest nationalist around. I bring to you a shiny-new, Chetan Bhagat-ized version of nationalism: popular, feel-good, super-easy to understand.
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Anti-Nationals, Cockroaches And Gutter-Level Debate: Are We Flirting With The Language Of The Third Reich?

Anupam Kher recently implied in the context of the JNU debate that "cockroaches, insects and vermin" were being subjected to "pest control". Exactly this sort of intemperate and incendiary language was deployed by the Third Reich to demonize and 'otherize' those who didn't agree with them. They selectively applied it to Jews and gypsies, opponents and gays alike. In Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler constantly referred to the 'others' as insects and vermin to drive home a point that they were lesser human beings who had to be extirpated.
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Photos: The Faces Of Dissent

What the government hadn't expected after their arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, on dubious charges of sedition, were exactly the questions that were raised during the protest - what makes someone anti-national? What exactly is the role of the media in matters of sedition? And perhaps, most urgently, questions regarding the role of student politics in an age of weary political jingoism.
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Dear JNU, When Will You Protest For Our Soldiers?

My father is a retired Subedar Major of the Indian Army. When he saw you shouting slogans in support of terrorists, he turned off the television and left the room. He didn't say anything. But I knew what he was thinking. You were making a complete mockery of our defence forces. He was ashamed to serve you. Now let me exercise my freedom of speech: your actions were nothing but shameful and disgraceful...
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A Case for Freeing Campuses From Political Interference

It will be not difficult for any person with the slightest semblance of political acumen to understand the political machinations behind recent cases of unrest on campuses. First, the members of the Ambedkar Students Association of the University of Hyderabad organized a protest march against the hanging of Yakub Memon, main accused in Mumbai blasts case. Then in Delhi, the campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University saw a protest in which students raised pro-Afzal Guru and anti-India slogans. I don't think these are isolated incidents.