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Why An Education Without Politics Is Incomplete

Yes, universities skill people and add to the human capital of a country which have positive effects on the GDP. However, if this is the primary purpose, please don't call them universities, call them coaching centres. Education is fundamentally equivalent to transformation, and this warrants a critical attitude towards existing forms of knowledge and extant societal arrangements.
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How Twitter Trolls Dishonoured Bhagat Singh To Attack Shashi Tharoor

In response to a question raised by a student during his JNU visit, Dr. Tharoor said that Kanhaiya had some things in common with Bhagat Singh, both being victims of the sedition law. Twitter trolls and critics, blind and deaf to established facts, did what they do best--shower abuse and spread misinformation. So, was this controversy in the name of Bhagat Singh a deliberate misinformation campaign aiming to kill two birds with one stone?