Jnu Crisis

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Make Bharat Mata Proud, Become A Nationalist In 4 Easy Steps

Mitron, Namaste. I have great news! Nationalism is no longer difficult and old-fashioned! Now, you don't have to risk your life (like Captain Pawan Kumar), or take up the battles of the oppressed (like Soni Sori), or contribute to the county in any meaningful way (like Azim Premji) to claim to be the proudest nationalist around. I bring to you a shiny-new, Chetan Bhagat-ized version of nationalism: popular, feel-good, super-easy to understand.

Notions Of Nation: A Toxic Potion

Try and update your Facebook timeline or tweet about what you think freedom of speech should be and in no time there will appear friends and strangers telling you that you have no notion of such complex terms. Freedom of speech. Sedition. Pro-India. Anti-India. Rights and duties. Terrorism. Nationalism. Anarchy. These are just a few of the keywords that can jangle the nerves of the strongest man these days. We forget, however, that most of us have mere notions of what they mean...

Will The Nationalists And Patriots Of India Please Speak Up?

It is high time the vast majority good Indians who love this country and are not ashamed to call themselves patriots and nationalists speak up for our country and a value system we want. We emphatically condemn those elements in Patiala House who beat up students. But at the same time, we also believe that the anti-nationals, who in the name of free speech raise slogans against the country, eulogise terrorists and celebrate the death of our jawans should be strongly dealt with.
Tanushree Bhasin

Photos: The Faces Of Dissent

What the government hadn't expected after their arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, on dubious charges of sedition, were exactly the questions that were raised during the protest - what makes someone anti-national? What exactly is the role of the media in matters of sedition? And perhaps, most urgently, questions regarding the role of student politics in an age of weary political jingoism.