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Is Carlotta Gall Right About Pakistan's Role In International Jihad?

The ISIS analogy, to me, is where Gall's narrative creeps into foggy, conspiratorial territory because she offers no motive. Surely Gall remembers from her own book that Pakistan's geostrategy orbits around its seven-decades-old rivalry with India. Managing this relationship to Pakistan's advantage is the sole purpose of "strategic depth." If the "deep state" has ever sponsored Islamist groups outside of US diktats, it has been to counter India in Afghanistan and Kashmir.

The ‘Charlie Hebdo' Conundrum

On the anniversary of the attack that killed most of the staff in its Paris office, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdopublished a controversial special edition featuring on its cover a sketch of a bearded, bloodstained God-like feature in sandals with a Kalashnikov slung over his shoulder, accompanied by the headline, "One year on: the killer is still at large". The Vatican has raised strong objections to the depiction, triggering yet another debate on the magazine's brand of satire.