The Micro-Moments That Matter To Marketers

Micro-moments are what every marketer is talking about today--those moments of intent in the lives of consumers, where they want to know, go or buy immediately and without any delay. Economic success is determined by the ability of intelligent platforms to curate these interactions and the ability of marketers to capitalize on and convert a multitude of such moments, every moment.

Delhi's Tryst With Jazz Music

Amid late monsoon showers and darkened skies, the city's landscape changes from a sweltering inferno to a bedlam of chaos and cacophony. However, amid the mind-numbing traffic and ludicrous potholes,...
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The Chennai Confluence

It was a mere experiment; Sparsh was born as a Carnatic fusion band and has since grown to create a sound that draws from Praveen's own foundation as a classical percussionist-- mridangam, to be specific--combined with his own personal influences from across the world.