Jan-Dhan Yojana


Modi Is Going In The Right Direction, But The Road Is Long

Even as we credit the government's accomplishments in its first year of office, it is imperative that we realise that structural changes to a country's socio-economic fabric do not materialise overnight. There has been some scepticism of late, but on the whole most stakeholders will need to be patient so long as the direction of change remains positive.

FY15 Is Make (OR Break) For India

After years of a predominantly agrarian economy and complex procedures that reduce ease of business, can we turn the tables to beat Made in China? Can we really become the Digital India of Modi's dream? Can our roads and public areas become cleaner? The truth is that the time for ifs and buts in India is over. We can take inspiration and even solace from several successes over the last few years, but it is time now for acceleration.