Gender Lens Investing: A Step Towards Woman-Friendly Capitalism

Globally, gender lens investing is becoming an integral part of conversations among investors, financial institutions, donors, and governments. As it is still in nascent stages, there are many questions around its definition and approach. Is it about pink-labelling a process? Is it about an exclusive focus on women for investment decisions? The answer to both these questions is "no". Gender lens investing is not about excluding men and male-owned companies, but about amending a process that has implicit, albeit unconscious biases in it.
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The Sky-High Valuations Of E-Commerce Companies -- And The Inevitable Crash

Experts have pinned India as one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets. With the ever-increasing penetration of smartphones, the e-commerce world, according to a KPMG report, is set to touch $100 billion by 2020. Keeping this vision in mind many investment companies have parked billions at sky-high valuations. But the real question is, are these valuations justified? Let's take an example.