Intolerance Debate In India


Rising Intolerance: A Reality Or Smoke And Mirrors?

Is "rising intolerance" indeed a reality? Or is it just the perception of a few that was deliberately used to create an environment of intolerance to serve narrow political ends? At this stage, when the high-voltage political drama of Bihar elections is over as is the "award wapsi", there is a need for a rational investigation of this phenomenon because it has some very serious implications for India.
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Speaking Up Is The Only Solution To Intolerance In India

I have seen far too many people stay silent when it was important to speak up. Perhaps it has something to do with our cultural conditioning - we've been trained to defer to our parents and to societal norms for everything from our stream of study to choice of marriage partner. Does it make us all conditioned to ignore our own inner voices? I would say, yes! And this is causing so much damage, not only to ourselves but to the country as a whole.

Aamir Khan And The Fiction Of Intolerance: Some Inconvenient Facts

Aamir Khan no doubt is a versatile actor with an impressive list of national accolades. But that does not axiomatically put the stamp of impeccable veracity on his pontifications. India is not becoming a seething cauldron of hate just because Aamir Khan says so. For a statement to be credible, factual corroboration or at least a plausible personal experience is essential. Aamir Khan provides neither, making it extremely difficult to take his words at face value.

I Have A Problem With Aamir Khan's Remarks Too, But Not For The Usual Reason

I finally watched the infamous Aamir Khan clip that has caused this nationwide neurosis over tolerance (or intolerance, depending on which side of the fence you are on). I have to admit it really got my dander up. Not the intolerance bit. As usual, we Indians have been obsessing over a triviality. The part I found cringe-worthy was where he tries to dissociate religious ideology from terrorism.

I'm A Muslim Woman With My Head Held High... But Can My Mind Be Without Fear?

I have the right to feel vulnerable and isolated just as I have the right to either overlook or confront bigotry. The fact that I generally choose to ignore it is my way of showing tolerance. I choose to protest when it hurts but I also choose to move on because the country has, in general, embraced me. I choose to serve and love my country without having to sing songs in praise of the government.