Internet Of Things

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Mindsets Must Change So We Can Adapt To A Smarter, More Connected World

Adapting to a smarter, connected and IoT-enabled world requires some fundamental change in the individual and collective mindset. In fact, it absolutely essential for organizations to understand and embrace the layers of change necessary to embrace this phenomenon. These layers are the fundamental building blocks that will help create scalable IoT solutions, which in other words means real value to clients. What are these layers and how does one win here?

No Hassle, No Queues: How The Internet of Things Can Transform The Way You Shop

Beacon technology is the disruptive technology that will bring about this 'Omni-channel customer experience'. It uses tiny battery-powered low energy Bluetooth devices that are installed across all sections of a store and even outside in the general shopping area. These devices communicate with each other and with apps on passing mobile devices. This communication leads to a richer in-store experience by informing passing shoppers about offers and sales personalised to their preferences.
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Smart Cars, Intelligent Traffic Management And The Road To Urban Mobility

Indians are taking to consumer technology in a big way, and are enjoying the benefits of digital mobility and the convenience of on-demand services at their fingertips. However, our physical spaces -- our cities in particular -- have not kept pace with the digital world. While we enjoy the advantages of mobility in our digital world, our cities are becoming increasingly congested and inconvenient.
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What The Internet Of Everything Will Mean For India

The Internet of Everything is the intelligent connection of people, processes, data and things. Citizens, companies and governments around the world are embracing it and turning to digitisation for more efficiency. Our networked world will include far more than just computers, tablets and phones. We will see the digitisation of street lights, parking spaces, beacons, kiosks, sensor-based water defences, physical infrastructure monitoring and controls and smart energy grid services.
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6 Smart Technologies To Make Indian Homes Smarter

Consider the scenario - a device that keeps your house at just the right temperature, a mirror that lets you watch the morning news as you brush your teeth or a coffee table that doubles up as an entertainment system. The concept of a "smart home" is all the rage and you can hop on to the bandwagon today -- all you need are a healthy bank balance and a few cutting-edge gadgets.