Information Technology

Jasper James

How To Build Government Digital Services That Actually Work

As we progress in the digital era, government IT architectures will become more complex than ever, which makes it harder to deliver on what's fundamental to customer experience: can I do what I came here to do? Here is what every government agency must understand: The performance of government applications and the networks that deliver them are vital to the user experience.
Nongkran_ch via Getty Images

Why Sound IT Systems Will Be The Backbone Of A Successful GST Rollout In India

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) has awarded a contract worth ₹1380 crore to Infosys Technologies to build a system which will be the IT interface for implementing the GST. This interface will take care of harnessing the entire input credit system, the Permanent Account Number (PAN)-based registrations, compliance requirements, tax payments etc and will be the nerve centre for the entire GST levy.
Shreya Ukil

Why I 'Dared' To Take On Wipro

The one question that I am being asked a lot recently is, how did I manage to overcome the many hurdles of taking on such a large corporate as Wipro? Even before I filed the [sex discrimination] lawsuit, I was advised by well-meaning senior leaders of the industry that it would be best to walk away and not take on an entity like Wipro that has all the financial and political muscle power that I obviously do not.