Ahmad Masood / Reuters

The Corruption Joke, Pal!

When is the last time you remember a prime-time debate or a newspaper headline featuring anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare? My personal guesstimate is not even once in the last four years. Practically no one ever mentions what had become then the national shibboleth -- the Lokpal Bill. What has led to Hazare’s ignominious fall and the dramatic disappearance of the Lokpal Bill from public memory? Was that self-righteous brouhaha just a deadly political game in clever disguise?

How I Wish India Had A Bernie Sanders

If only we had our own homegrown Bernie Sanders! Not only for the millions of the subaltern for whom he could be an uncontested messiah, but even for the fictitious middle class in India -- they too need a Bernie Sanders to reveal to them the deep wounds inflicted by the fairy-tale neoliberal boom story. Which political party or media house has asked as to what happened to the Right to Food legislation?

Delhi Equality Bill 2016: Why We Need To Be Discriminating About Anti-Discrimination

The Delhi Equality Bill aims to establish a comprehensive, multi-ground, single, anti-discriminatory legislation which imposes legal obligations of non-discrimination upon public as well as private entities. Such a law is required due to the inadequacy of the anti-discriminatory provisions under the Constitution. This Bill, however, remains a poorly drafted legislation for the following reasons.