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5 Female Pop Stars With Surprisingly Indian Roots

From Lata Mangeshkar and K S Chithra, to Sunidhi Chauhan and dozens of others, India is not short of female singing sensations that have achieved international recognition and won admirers across an array of cultures. But while their Indian identities are visible in plain sight, there are still others who have India running through their bloodstream even though they call other lands their own.
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Why India Needs A Mindset Revolution

Governments may change every five years, but changing the collective mindset of the biggest democracy in the world will take time. The turnstiles of change have to be set into motion though. Pronto. There will be setbacks. There will be a backlash. There will be resistance. But if Indians get serious about such change, it will happen.
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The Myth Of The Virgin Indian

We have embedded ourselves tightly into the visibility of life. We have diminished the "thinking" component of our existence. We have accepted a life which is seen by others rather than the one which is lived by us. We convince ourselves and make ourselves believe that we are good and innocent and we have done no wrong. Hence, in the bright light of day, in the eyes of society, we become what we are seen as -- the Virgin Indian.
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Chasing The American Twang

The funny thing with American accents is that everybody wants one. Think of all the Indians who go there to study or work. They come back on visits with gifts and an entirely new way of speaking. The accent takes time to reach perfection, but almost every Indian in America makes sure that they have one.
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Eating Like A Bad Hindu

Christians pray for their daily bread, the Bengali Hindus pray for their daily fish and weekly mutton, I tell him. Meat is a part of religious festivals like Kali Puja. Choosing a vegetarian dish from a restaurant menu (which I often do) would bring clucks of concern from my Bengali friends and family back in Kolkata. Am I ill? Is it cholesterol (a fond topic)? Have I been warned by a doctor with dire consequences?

The Paradoxical World Of The Gulf Malayali

The most difficult enigma of Gulf Malayali life remains this: how does this over-politicised community, used to incessant cycles of protest marches, labour strikes and sit-ins, meekly submit itself to the tyrannical discipline of work life in the Gulf? How could they unlearn their deeply entrenched Stalinist version of communism and make themselves amenable to the avaricious designs of predatory capitalism? Did they actually suppress their genetically inherited irreverence and cynicism or just compartmentalise their life so neatly and adopt a schizophrenic existence?