Indians Abroad

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A Hindu In China

"Am I a pureblood, Mama?" My Harry Potter-inspired preteen asked me recently. My daughter, growing up in China, has asked me versions of this question since she was six years old. "What am I, Mama? Am I a Hindu? Am I Chinese? Am I an Indian? Why do I write Baba's surname and not yours?" I grew up in India and the term "pureblood" has layers of implications attached.

The Paradoxical World Of The Gulf Malayali

The most difficult enigma of Gulf Malayali life remains this: how does this over-politicised community, used to incessant cycles of protest marches, labour strikes and sit-ins, meekly submit itself to the tyrannical discipline of work life in the Gulf? How could they unlearn their deeply entrenched Stalinist version of communism and make themselves amenable to the avaricious designs of predatory capitalism? Did they actually suppress their genetically inherited irreverence and cynicism or just compartmentalise their life so neatly and adopt a schizophrenic existence?