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Why The Modi Govt Was Smart To Not Lower Fuel Prices

India couldn't have been in a better position than it is today, thanks to the crash in crude oil prices. The crash has helped the Indian economy at a time when countries like Russia, Taiwan and Brazil are facing recession while China's growth is at a 25-year low. It has helped the Indian government revive three things which are critically important to the economy -- inflation, interest rates and fiscal deficit.
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Why Cash And Prepaid Cards Are A Security Threat

Both cash and prepaid cards ride on the convenience quotient only. However, the "secured" element of the transaction also needs to be given equal consideration -- the Paris attack and the Delhi heist should serve as a wakeup call to all stakeholders. Both avenues will have a 9/11 moment soon and legislation is bound to come in to control their usage. The Finance Ministry has already issued a paper talking about tax incentives for merchants accepting digital payments.
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Modi Isn't Flawless, Best We Accept It

In a previous article, I referred to Modi as India's best shot for growth while simultaneously reminding the reader that there were many mistakes committed by his government. This is the definition of rational democratic thought - to be able to weigh our leaders for their merits and demerits and not blindly pledge allegiance to them for a few noteworthy merits while completely shutting our eyes off to any demerits. We don't live under an autocracy, and we certainly don't have a constitution that prohibits freedom of speech, so why do we allow ourselves to be bullied into not criticising the man whose actions will determine the fate of a billion Indians?