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The Autobiography Of A Pothole

Unless you are a Member of Parliament (and have been one all your life), you might have some recollection of me (or at least a few of my kind). You may remember me from the street your house sits on, or from one of the many humbling encounters I play host to daily. Or you might have heard about our kind from the media's annual week-long pothole coverage fest. Not that we covet the limelight. Why, publicity is seriously detrimental to our very existence!
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'No Girlfriend, No Tension': Horse Sense (And Humour) On The Highway

Ours is one hell of an interesting country. It seems like the entire breed of Indians are oozing witticisms. The proof of this can be seen on the back of cars, bikes and autorickshaws on roads. For example, I came across a delivery van, carrying huge containers of milk. Behind it was written "Dekhi yaara langh jaan de, Kitey dudh da dahi na ban jaye(Let me pass through my friend, else the milk will curdle)."
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Need For Speed: Road Safety Reforms Could Save Lakhs Of Lives In India

There's no death of frightening reports on India's abysmal road safety record. The most recent is the WHO's "Global Road Safety Report 2015". Due in large part to lax or negligible enforcement of road safety laws, an estimated 207,551 people died in road accidents during 2014. Interestingly, the estimate provided by India's National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) was 141,526 during the same period. The trend is sobering: with the exception of a short downward blip in 2012, traffic fatalities in India have been rising consistently since 2007.