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Differently-Abled Teachers Could Bridge The Education Gap For Students With Special Needs

Last month, I went to an NGO in north Delhi with a friend who worked there. Coincidentally, on that very day, the CBSE class 12 results came out. The mood there was very jubilant because more than five visually challenged students associated with the NGO got more than 90% marks while a few others got more than 80%. Though these performances would not be considered extraordinary in normal circumstances, these were not ordinary students.

Caste-Based Reservation Could Pause India's Growth Story

India has toppled China to become the fastest growing economy in the world in 2015. While such developments are closely tied to the efforts and intentions demonstrated by the Modi government, there's an elephant in the room. I believe that Prime Minister Modi is overlooking a very big and vital factor that might, if not now then later, bring India down. This crucial factor is reservation.
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Desperately Seeking Hardik: An Investigation

While planning my column, halfway through my coffee, my editor called. He always drives me mental. "Give me something hard-hitting," he said. "Why not Har-dik?" I inquired in my favourite fake American accent, making it sound like quite something else. "You pervert," he screamed, "this government will shut us down." I said Hardik again, this time in my desi accent. "Now that sounds hard-hitting," he said. So we agreed. Hardik it was.
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Patidar Protests: There's No Excuse For Gujaratis Attacking Gujarat

Liquor is banned in my state, Gujarat. Why? Because it is the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Going by that logic, given that Gandhiji was a preacher of non-violence, shouldn't violence be banned in Gujarat as well? I've also been thinking recently about the fact that we think that a society, state or country is always for the people and not of the people. But more on that later. It was business as usual in Ahmedabad on 25 August, when chaos took over the everyday bustle of the city.