Indian Independence

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Indian For A Week

For an entire week (or so) this month, India celebrated itself as "nation". An independent, unified and secular nation. All over the world, we participated in this carnival of independence as "Indians". The tri-colour temporarily overshadowed the divisions of race, caste, creed, religion and state. But alas, this carnival is now over.

Adding Up The Value Of 69 Independence Days

The clothes I wear, the missing markers of being married, and my choice of words define me as an educated woman. Do I feel free? My friend, a financially independent woman, is questioned by the man about a five-minute delay in coming back home? Is she free? A girl applied towards the fag end of the admission period for higher education. She missed out on better courses and colleges because her parents had not allowed her to study further then. She wouldn't care about a date for the flag to unfurl.