Indian Girls


Why We Must Embrace Our True Colours

It don't matter if you are black or white... Thus went the famous song by MJ. Here in India, it is more like light brown or dark brown. And it matters. A lot. . If you're a darker shade of brown, you were probably the recipient of derogatory comments almost as soon as your mommy popped you out. If you are lighter skinned, you would have heard paeans in praise of your "beauty".
Maya at Three by Rita Banerji

The Importance Of ‘Maya'

"Maya", as a concept in Hinduism and Buddhism, means attachment to the tangible aspects of life and relationships. It is a sentiment which the scriptures sternly warn you off of, as they say it is spiritually unhealthy. They say this is all transient -- an illusion. That it is not the truth. And yet, as my friend chose the name "Maya" for her adoptive daughter, I was struck by the intense attachment she felt for the child.