Indian Cricket


A Very Human Successor To The God Of Indian Cricket

Cricket, they say, is a 'gentlemen's game'. Played by mortals. Hence, each time 'god' and his allies played against the mortals, they had a tendency to ignore a sledge. Walk away from a verbal contest. Be humble and gracious. And we all know that's not how mortals play cricket these days. Especially those Aussies. So the successor to 'god' had to be a human. An ambitious, arrogant, aggressive, sledging, tattooed human. And that's everything that Virat Kohli is, and a bit more.

What Indian Fans Can Expect From World Cup 2015

In my opinion, the best way to approach a World Cup is to 'expect the unexpected'. Cricket, as the cliché goes, can make even the best reader of the game look foolish with its glorious uncertainties. In limited overs cricket, differences between teams narrows down even further, making any firm prediction loaded with danger.