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Reclaiming Lost Childhoods By Rethinking Rehabilitation

Since my own childhood, I had a dream which later became the mission of my life and the core value of Bachpan Bachao Andolan. It was a very simple thought — every child should be free to be a child, free to laugh and cry, free to play and learn and above all, free to dream. To accomplish this vision of a child-friendly world we need child-friendly politics, child-friendly businesses, child-friendly faith institutions and child-friendly justice delivery mechanisms and establishments.
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Why Lawmaking In India Is So Subpar

Lawmaking in India is an entirely partisan exercise. The government, with a majority already in hand, pushes through the laws it wants. Since only the government can pass laws--those brought by private members have no chance--no other Member of Parliament takes the initiative. Party bosses in power decide which laws will be proposed, and those in the opposition decide which will be opposed. The legislators merely vote as instructed by their bosses. No one has any interest in the quality of laws.
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India's 'Strong' Centre Is Weakening Its Security

India's founders set out to build a strong Centre with independent state governments. But their experiment failed. Our state governments are not fully accountable - they depend on the Centre for survival and funds. People are routinely left with no local government, or one that is not focused on local issues. This hurts governance just where it touches people most. India's so-called strong Centre is too distant to provide any real representation or participation. What's most menacing, however, is that instead of adding strength, this is endangering our nation's security.