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Why We Need To Pay Attention To Tharoor's Push for Presidential-Type City Governments

India's cities are a mess because local governments are totally inept and unaccountable. The 74th Amendment's attempt more than 20 years ago to establish urban local bodies as institutions of self-government has failed. But now there is hope. This month, without fanfare, Shashi Tharoor introduced a Bill in Parliament to fix these ailments. It goes right to the heart of the matter.
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India's 'Strong' Centre Is Weakening Its Security

India's founders set out to build a strong Centre with independent state governments. But their experiment failed. Our state governments are not fully accountable - they depend on the Centre for survival and funds. People are routinely left with no local government, or one that is not focused on local issues. This hurts governance just where it touches people most. India's so-called strong Centre is too distant to provide any real representation or participation. What's most menacing, however, is that instead of adding strength, this is endangering our nation's security.