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Amit Dave / Reuters

How India Can Make Its Water Supply Less Dependent On Rainfall

India is enjoying a good monsoon this year, but the fact is that a Latur or a Bundelkhand could happen again. The time has come for water experts to impress upon key stakeholders the need to get innovative and adopt alternative water supply solutions by leveraging advanced technologies. By doing so, we would make sustainable and reliable water supply “weather independent”. After all, a single year of abundant rainfall likely won’t replenish historically depleted water sources!
Ahmad Masood / Reuters

Palukur: The Daily Despair Of Drought

As my jeep tumbles along the incredibly bumpy mud road to Palukur village in Kandukur, Andhra Pradesh, I am surprised to see that the villages look quite normal. In my head, drought-affected villages looked like deserts. Palukur itself features dusty, scattered vegetation, cows and buffaloes roaming around, and a clutter of small, clean houses. The villages in Prakasam district--the worst affected in the state--bear more internal wounds than external.