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How My Romantic Notions Of RTC Bus Travel Came Under The Wheel

I have travelled by Road Transport Corporation (RTC) buses for years. My pocket enjoys the cheap fares and my co-passengers always entertain by unwittingly offering brief insights into the inner workings of humanity. I am also proud of myself for using public transport and thereby reducing my carbon footprint. Unfortunately, the romanticized idea of travelling by RTC buses that I had held onto shattered when I began to travel long distances during peak office hours.
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12 Insights A Mumbai Local Train Wishes It Could Give You

The first train in India, built by the British, ran between Bori Bunder (today's Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) and Thane in April, 1853. The journey also marked the birth of the Mumbai Suburban Railway offshoot. Hundred and sixty three years later, with so much experience tucked under her rusty wheels, the Mumbai Local has seen India's financial capital grow like no other. Imagine what would happen if she started speaking one fine day? What would she try to tell us?