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Tuomas Marttila

What Playing Badminton Taught Me About The Harsh Realities Of Sport In India

In the district of Madurai (with a population of nearly three million), there were just five indoor badminton courts in the mid-90s and none of them were wooden ones. Access to these courts was limited. With the help of my dad, I got to play in a government officers’ club and was among the lucky few to get access to indoor courts. This way I eliminated most of my competitors. The reason? My dad was a government officer.
Phil Noble / Reuters

Why Are We Making It So Hard For Indian Sportswomen To Succeed?

Ask anyone to name five Indian sportswomen in action today--after the inevitable Saina Nehwal and Sania Mirza, there's a bound to be a lot of awkward clearing of the throat. Some will mention Mary Kom (after all, Priyanka Chopra starred in a movie about her) or reach further into the past till PT Usha. On the other hand, ask about male athletes and the answers come flying. The question arises: do we not have enough Indian female athletes or are they simply ignored?