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Will Akhilesh Yadav 2.0 Be Good For Uttar Pradesh?

As the Samajwadi Party gears up for the UP State Assembly Elections in 2017, Akhilesh Yadav’s young shoulders carry a massive burden. The burden of lawlessness and increasing crime against women. The young Chief Minister believes that his home state is "better in every aspect" and appealed to the people to visit and experience the "real UP" but in the fact is that the “real UP” is overflowing with spine-chilling and horrendous tales of corruption, communal violence, ministers with stained backgrounds, atrocities against women.

How I Wish India Had A Bernie Sanders

If only we had our own homegrown Bernie Sanders! Not only for the millions of the subaltern for whom he could be an uncontested messiah, but even for the fictitious middle class in India -- they too need a Bernie Sanders to reveal to them the deep wounds inflicted by the fairy-tale neoliberal boom story. Which political party or media house has asked as to what happened to the Right to Food legislation?
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Where's The Dialogue On JNU? This Lazy Mud-Slinging Doesn't Count

How does anyone justify support for those who want the destruction of this country? Why did this slogan and its implications deteriorate into a shouting match between those who consider themselves patriotic and the self-appointed saviours of the values of liberalism? When did it become "nationalistic" to question the student protesters wanting the destruction of the very same state that funds the bulk of their education? The government and its spokespersons have gone overboard but the critics haven't done a great job either.
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Why India Needs A Shadow Cabinet

Fiery sloganeering against the government might make for good television, but it doesn't help in enforcing accountability on the government for its primary job of governance. What India needs is a coherent and informative voice from the opposition in Parliament on issues of policy and governance. The answer: a shadow cabinet.

Death By Rotation: Why Young Talent Can't Rise In India's Political Ranks

In an open political system, India would have seen talented politicians contesting elections at the city, ward and panchayat level. With success, they would have become mayors and district panchayat presidents. From this talent pool would have emerged the candidates for MPs (Members of Parliament) and MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly), and the brightest would have gone on to become ministers in states and the Centre.
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Photoblog: The Colours Of Democracy

The purpose of this project is to capture not just prominent politicians or events but also the smaller details that are no less extraordinary. Such as a Modi lookalike who prays to him at a make-shift altar, an AAP supporting auto rickshaw driver with a 'Kejriwal muffler' or a poster by the Communist Ghadar Party where you might least expect it.
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India Unfinished

India reminds me of a giant distracted child playing Lego. There are always pieces mislaid, left over or gone missing. Look around you. Nothing ever seems to be well thought out or executed in its entirety. We see this in almost all aspects of our daily life.