India Monsoon

PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

Accounting For The Rain Gods: How Index-Based Crop Insurance Can Help Farmers

The Modi government has made a serious attempt to address agrarian distress in India by announcing the crop insurance scheme last week. It is imperative, however, that we learn from the mistakes of other countries and urgently fine-tune this simple product to make it financially viable in the long run. And the fine-tuning is easy -- instead of measuring the crop losses of farmers let us just measure the performance of the rain gods!
Desha Gehi

5 Sinful Monsoon Treats

As soon as it starts raining, the stomach starts to rumble and craves for some scrumptious monsoon snacks. (Well, they are available all year round but are somehow more special during the rainy season.) The joy one gets while sipping on a piping hot cup of coffee or masala chai while enjoying the monsoon is unexplainable. And no cuppa is complete without the sinful snacks that go along with it.