Price Cap On Medical Devices Will Stunt Innovation And Harm Patients

I agree that patients should be of central concern, but we need to ensure that the policies we deploy aren’t counterproductive to their interests. Capping, I feel, will only lead to a massive restriction in the availability of choices of devices. Patients and doctors will begin basing their choice on what is available in the market, and not on what is desired for quality treatment. And that is not a healthy scenario, neither for medicine, not for patients.

Why Demonizing Doctors Will Harm The Health Of The Nation

Why are doctors stereotyped as snobbish, heartless and villainous in the media? The truth is that doctors today are the most vulnerable group of professionals. Why does the number of assaults on doctors exceed that of any other professional? Why do we have one of the highest rates of suicide? Why do the grievances of the medical fraternity not receive any redressal whatsoever from the government?